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Marion County, South Carolina has a sense of history from honoring Revolutionary War Hero General Francis Marion for his service to our country, to being known as the second largest tobacco growing community in the state.  The area is rich in history and known for natural beauty.

Marion has friendly faces, tranquil rivers and lakes. It is also known for its southern hospitality as well as being located only 45 minutes away from popular tourist attraction, Myrtle Beach.

It’s a nice place for a family to call home and the town of Marion is home to AVM. With the slogan, “It’s Just Right” Marion County continues to offer new opportunities.

AVM is committed to maintaining a safe and positive environment throughout the company. Our engineering and manufacturing processes emphasize environmental and safety responsibilities; we build to a high standard of quality and we are active community members: contributing time, energy and financial support to the key economic, educational, and cultural programs in our community.

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