Custom Designs

Custom Designs

Lift Supports

AVM offers many alternatives when a standard lift support is not perfectly suited for an application. The list below describes the range of characteristics available to the custom lift support designer.

Output force:
P1 values from 15 to 250 pounds
Extended length:
6 to 40 inches
2 to 15 inches
Extension, compression or bi-directional with a wide range of damping coefficients
Amount can be varied to increase or decrease damped travel and force ratio
See connector table for a sampling of choices
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In addition to Extension and Compression dampers, AVM offers Bi-directional, Non-cavitating and Self-Centering dampers with a wide range of damping coefficients. AVM dampers are available in two body and shaft size combinations. Extended lengths up to 26 inches and strokes from 2 to 11 inches are possible. Various connectors and accessories are available.

New Technology

AVM prides itself on its ability to provide innovative solutions to unsolved problems. If you have a motion control problem that a typical lift support or damper can not resolve, contact us and challenge our engineering staff to expand the limits of technology.

Non-Cavitating Dampers

This new technology from AVM completely eliminates the problem of "free fall" that is characteristic of standard dampers. It is so space-effective so that it can often fit into an envelope smaller than other dampers.

This damper, unlike standard dampers, can be mounted in any direction, shaft up, shaft down and even horizontal and still provide consistent damping forces. The versatility inherent in this technology allows this damper to be used for a number of applications, for example: hospital gurneys, dumpster lids and steering linkages.

If you have a motion control application where vertical mounting is not an option, contact us to learn more about this innovative solution.