Link Rods

The AVM Link Rod offers a replacement solution where several components
are assembled by the customer to achieve the same results. With the
use of our patented captive ball-stud technology, we have put together this
cost effective and high quality alternative to your companies link rod needs.


  • Reduce cost with glass-filled, co-molded plastic rod ends vs. expensive metal rod ends
  • Minimize part numbers with our captive ball stud connectors with ball stud attached
  • AVM offers a wide variety of rod ends for your installation needs
  • Reduce assembly labor by using our captive ball connectors with T-40 Torx head
  • Custom bent rods for special applications
  • Smooth action (no free-play) in rod end
Length 75 to 500+ mm
Diameter 6 to 12.5 mm (6, 8, and 10 are standard)
Strength High strength, glass-filled, co-molded plastic rod ends, and metal rod ends
Pull Off Strength A = 3000 – 8000 N
B = 800 – 1500 N
C = 800 – 1500 N

Rod End Connectors