Product Name: Link Rods

Product Description:

AVM manufactures link rods for a wide range of applications from power hatch closers to brake linkages and steering linkages. Each application has its own unique requirements from Class ‘A’ paint, fixed Vs full adjustable, over-molded, crimped, welded and screw on connectors.

Below is a description of several different types of link rods, if you do not see what you need please contact your local application engineer/sales representative (SHORTCUT TO CONTACTS)

Painted rod with over molded connectors

The rods are machined, painted then over-molded using an injection molding process. This produces a very strong joint and a very good finish.


Plated rod with Heat staked connectors

The joint can be designed so that the connector is free to rotate or fixed after Fixed after heat staking.


Plated rod with screw on connectors

This is a typical rod configuration with threaded ends.


Plated or painted rod with crimped connectors

Crimped connectors can be fixed in position or free to rotate.


  • Connector – Thru Hole PS22X

    Connector Material is EMS Grivory GV5H; M6x1.0-6H Threads

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