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    • Gas spring systems include integrated gas springs and connectors for deck lids, hoods, gates and many other 'lift and support-type' applications for the automotive, commercial, and aftermarket industries.

      A gas spring is typically comprised of the following parts:

    • Cylinder: Heavy gauge steel body; painted and cured to a glossy finish.
    • Piston Rod: Chromium-plated, hardened steel, precision-ground and highly polished.
    • Piston Assembly: Self-cleaning design automatically opens during each compression stroke to keep the piston area free of contaminants. Not offered by all manufacturers.
    • Sealing System: This is the area where most manufacturers differ in their approach. AVM uses a patented Triple-Lobe Rubber Seal, as well as a Rubber O-Ring Piston Seal.
    • Seal Backup System: Teflon ring, functions as a backup to the seal system, unique to AVM. Prevents seal wear.
    • Temperature Compensation: Optional feature, this module provides for an increase in the force when the temperature drops below approximately 40 F enabling the use of lower forces at room temperatures to provide easier closing efforts.
    • Nitrogen Gas Charge: Gas springs are charged with nitrogen most often to 1500 psi, but not more than 2500 psi. It does not react with any of the internal components. The amount of charge varies from 1/3 gram in the smallest springs to about 24 grams in the largest. Nitrogen is inert and is not flammable.
    • Glycol Fluid: Lubricant for internal components. Also provides dampening to slow down movement of liftgate just prior to full open. This is a high viscosity index synthetic oil with a pour point of -70 F.

    Vacuum Actuators

    AVM is fulfilling its leadership role in the OE market for vacuum actuators in three important ways. First, in product innovation and manufacturing flexibility. Second, in quality and reliability. And ultimately, in global reach with virtually half of the world market share.

    Our vacuum actuators are known for their consistent quality, 100% reliability, long life and economy. They've helped regulate and direct the air flow in automotive climate control systems from the Americas to the European community and the Pacific Rim.

    AVM has manufactured more than three-quarters of a billion actuators in metal, plastic and metal combination, and all plastic. Using world class facilities and small group manufacturing processes, AVM produces orders in small lot quantities with extremely responsive and short lead times. With its aggressive continuous improvement programs, AVM's current quality performance has surpassed 5 sigma and is well within reach of 6 sigma.

    AVM innovations continue to make the vacuum actuator the preferred choice of automakers. Offering engineers time-tested, failure-proof, and cost-effective solutions to any climate control system design. Innovative designs like our all plastic, three-position actuators are meeting the OE challenge for simpler assembly; lighter weight for fuel savings, and quieter operation for car owners. With new products, new ideas like innovative sub-assemblies and system engineering capability, AVM is helping to extend your grasp of tomorrow.