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AVM can custom engineer dampers for your specific application. We have complete engineering, prototype model shop and testing facilities in South Carolina. A few of the recent products that have been developed for customers are listed below.

Damper with Manual Override

Used predominantly for lids where a controlled rate of closing is preferred to prevent the lid from slamming shut. As the lid closes the amount of damping required to maintain a constant speed increases. AVM can build dampers with progressively more damping throughout travel. Also if the customer wishes to close the lid quickly, an override can be built into the damper allowing the lid to be closed quicker by the customer pushing down on the lid.

Groove tube damper

AVM offers dampers with a variable output throughout the travel. This is achieved by grooving the inside of the tube; the groove depth at any given point determines the amount of resistance the damper will produce. The groove profile can provide a multitude of options to suit each specific application.

Lift assist damper

Many dampers are required to provide lift assistance or counterbalance in one direction and damping in the other for items like heavy doors, lids, truck tailgates, truck hoods etc. AVM has a range of products that use compression springs inside the damper to provide the counter balance force or in the case of the Tundra tailgate a combination gas spring and damper that both helps lift the tailgate and dampen on the way down, this product won a prestigious award for innovation in 2007.

Blast seating

These dampers are accelerated to speeds in excess of 20 feet per second and require specialized internal piston packs and component design.

These are just a few of the products available please contact AVM if you have questions.


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