Product Name: Non Cavitating Damper

Product Description:

Non cavitating dampers overcome the limitations of standard dampers in that they can be mounted in any orientation without any loss of function. When a smooth consistent motion is required and the damper can not be mounted vertically a non cavitating damper is the product of choice.

Standard non cavitating dampers utilize a floating piston to keep the air and oil separate – see image above. AVM also offers a twin tube design often referred to as a short non cavitating damper that uses either foam or an air bag to prevent the oil and air from mixing.

When specifying a damper it is important to realize that the resistance to movement of the shaft is dependant on how quickly you are trying to move the shaft. The faster you attempt to push the shaft the more resistance the damper will provide. To specify the damper you need the minimum requirement would be the force required at a given speed.

Technical Details:

Size:6mm shaft and 15mm body up to 14mm shaft and 28mm body
Seals:AVM offers Multi-lobe, Lip and spring energized lip seals
Paint:AVM offers both powder paint and Ecoat
Construction:Mono tube, twin tube and self centering
Connectors:Over 100 connectors tooled for every application

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