Product Name: Self Centering Damper (SCD)

Product Description:

All self centering dampers are built with non cavitating dampers and as such can be mounted in any orientation without loss of function.

The self centering damper is a patented product that allows movement in extension and compression with a controlled rate of return from either direction to the neutral position.

The most common use for this technology is the control of hydrostatic transmissions on Zero turn lawn mowers and accelerator pedals for small to medium size tractors. The compact design allows for a large amount of travel in a short package. The self centering damper replaces a combination of springs and dampers with a single compact, cost effective unit. The damper is linked to a control lever or pedal to provide a controlled rate of actuation and return to a positive neutral position.  This damper is the overwhelming choice on all applications where the end user interacts with the damper due to its superior “feel”.

When used in a seat application we can offer 2 options, the design shown above or a mono-tube construction that provides the same benefits’ but the overall length will be longer to accommodate the same travel. The second option is used in most cases for seats due to the fact it has a smaller outside diameter and is lower cost. Because there is no direct end user interaction with the damper this design works very well for seat suspension systems.

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