Product Name: Short Non Cavitating Dampers (SNCD)

Product Description:

The short non-cavitating damper (SNCD) is a twin tube design as apposed to the mono-tube design of the standard non-cavitating dampers. The inner, or working cylinder, is where the piston and shaft move up and down. The outer cylinder serves as a reservoir for the hydraulic fluid. By employing this design AVM is able to achieve a large amount of travel in a short package length.

The outer tube contains either a closed cell foam or air bag to manage the change in volume internally as the shaft moves in and out. Because this design does not have any seals to provide the non-cavitating feature it is capable of providing excellent durability in excess of 1 million cycles. This design can also be mounted in any orientation without any loss in function ( there are many twin tube designs in the market that employ gas to provide the non-cavitating function and they can only be mounted vertically or close to without loss of function).

AVM also offers multiple seal options that are designed for different operating conditions. We offer a multi-lobe seal for harsh conditions and moderate shaft speeds, Lip seals and Spring energized lip seals for clean environments and rapid shaft movements or a combination of both where the damper is being used in a harsh environment and also requires rapid shaft movements.

Due to the multiple options of seals, dampening rates, foam or air bag, connectors etc every design is tailored to the individual application.

The dampers are available with a 6.35mm shaft or 8.0mm shaft and an outer body diameter of 28mm.

This design provides the best damper available for cycle life, smallest package and operation but it is also the most expensive design.


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