Product Name: Stainless Steel Gas Springs

Product Description:

AVM gas springs are custom-engineered and manufactured beyond industry standards to provide smooth operation and durability.  The stainless steel shaft is chrome plated for added resiliency and improves seal durability. The Lip Seals used in our gas springs are ideal for general use and in particular, for high-frequency applications.

Dampening in standard gas springs can be achieved by modifying the oil volume inside the gas spring.  For dynamic dampening, see the information of VMX gas springs.

Temperature plays a big part with gas springs.  Output force will increase as the temperature rises and decrease as it drops.  Gas springs function by utilizing compressed nitrogen gas to provide the force to extend the shaft via a differential in surface area of the piston.  It is these gases that are affected by the temperature changes.  In all applications, one must use a gas spring with enough force at the high end of the temperature range.

Also when developing the force required from the gas spring for your application, one should plan on a 1-2 % force loss per year.  All gas springs manufactured today will loose some force over time because the gas molecules permeate through the rubber seal material.  The amount of force lost depends on a number of factors, and this should be factored into the design to ensure the gas spring still lifts or balances the loads several years down the road.

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