Product Name: Standard (Cavitating) Damper

Product Description:

AVM offers a complete line of standard dampers with damping only in extension, only in compression or damping in both extension and compression. These parts can be produced with a wide range of damping rates to suit the individual application.

This style of damper works well when mounted vertically; if the damper is mounted horizontally it will result in cavitation inside the damper creating non uniform damping, this damper is often referred to as cavitating damper due to this phenomenon.

If you need to mount the damper horizontal and require a continuous smooth motion refer to the Non Cavitating damper section

AVM carries many different cavitating dampers in our standard parts directory and a full list of available sizes can be found under standard dampers on the web site. 2 sizes are available standard; 6.4mm shaft dia with a 15mm tube dia (6 X 15) and an 8mm shaft with a 22mm tube dia (8 X 22) and the available stroke, force and connectors are listed.

When specifying a damper you need to supply the dimensions below along with the style of connector you need. You will also need to specify what directions you want the damper to function, compression, extension or both directions.

You also need to provide the dampening rate you require, the simplest way to identify this would be to specify a load say 20lbs and the time it will take to travel 2 inches. So you would state a 20lb load, 2 inch travel in 2.5 seconds.

Technical Details:

Size6mm shaft and 15mm body up to 14mm shaft and 28mm body
SealsAVM offers Multi-lobe, Lip and spring energized lip seals
PaintAVM offers both powder paint and Ecoat
ConstructionMono tube, twin tube and self centering
ConnectorsOver 100 connectors tooled for every application

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